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How It Works

Your solution to increase sales at your dealership

cuautocoupon is a unique and progressive marketing tool that focuses on the needs and wants of today’s new and used car buyers.  cuautocoupon drives qualified consumers directly to your dealership by providing them with a valuable coupon at a critical point in the car buying process. Marketing directly to credit union members with these valuable coupons will give your dealership a competitive edge by penetrating the largest local consumer group in most regions throughout the nation.   

Credit union members are loyal and trust their credit union; therefore, instant credibility is established between your dealership and the credit union member. Treat them right and you have a customer for life.   Not surprisingly, the coupon leveraged with strategic marketing campaigns employed by the credit union has been proven to create a substantial amount of auto buying activity. 

The coupon will provide your sales team with an extraordinary opportunity to identify these qualified credit union members immediately upon entering the dealership.  This knowledge will provide your sales team with the requisite insight that should result in closing a higher percentage of deals at point of sale. Successfully and cost effectively marketing your dealership to such a valuable consumer group is one of the many reasons cuautocoupon stands out from any the other marketing channel you currently use. 


Highlights & Benefits

  • Increase sales by driving qualified buyers directly to your dealership’s showroom
  • Substantially increase your closing ratio 
  • Penetrate the largest local consumer group in most national regions
  • Coupons are branded with credit union and member’s name providing instant credibility
  • Coupons are extremely attractive and influential to all consumer types
  • Foster strong relationship with credit unions
  • Effectively increase sales within service department

Credit Union Information

  • Members are extremely loyal & seek out credit unions for auto buying incentives & promotions
  • Credit union members make up the largest local consumer group in your market
  • Credit unions have an exceptional reputation within their local community 
  • Members are a close-knit community that can play a broad role in further growing your business 
  • Credit unions are aggressively looking to expand in your market area
  • The United States has 7,598 credit unions that hold $916 billion in assets and serve more than 91 million members
  • Credit unions offer dealerships the greatest partnership than any other local organization

In addition, there will be additional opportunities for you to advertise your promotions directly to credit union members on our website that is marketed by the credit unions.  This will increase your exposure and further advance your ability to increase sales volume. 


What dealerships are saying about cuautocoupon:

“The internet coupon program has brought us a good amount of extra customers!  Thanks to the credit unions and cuautocoupon!”
- Competition Toyota Scion of Middle Island

cuautocoupon is the best marketing value for dealers by far.”
- Herbee Dodge Chrysler Jeep

“We have seen a good amount of credit union members due to the internet coupon promotion. It is a great program which has helped us sell more cars. The partnership has been great for us at Sun Auto Group.”
- Sun Auto Group, Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC

“The credit union internet coupon has worked wonders for our dealership. We have sold cars to more credit union members because of this promotion as well as the low financing rates and lease specials that the credit union’s offer. We are happy to be part of this program.” 
- Paul Conte Chevrolet



Can your dealership participate?

To become an affiliate of this program or to allow us the opportunity to show you how cuautocoupon will increase volume and traffic to your dealership, please click here or contact us at (800) OKCOUPON (800.652.6876).